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Starting early in 2010, STRADA began to redesign a building for Thermo Fisher Scientific in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. By the end of July the designs had been approved. In August, 2010 the bids began to come in.

Early on, Meltdown Glass in Phoenix, Arizona, was approached for their distinctive patterned glass. However, this was more than a wall of glass; STRADA had created a “free standing” work of art.

The path of any project is dictated by the people who dream, design, order, invent, and touch all the parts as they are prepared, altered, fitted, installed, and made ready for their debut.

Meltdown Glass hired Slater Contemporary Metal to build the frame work, and Gary Slater hired Peter Burt, eye soar, Inc. to design and detail all the parts, being absolutely sure they would all fit together.

Peter worked closely with Ray McCaughey at STRADA, and as changes were made, the design kept getting better! Dawn Peterson, STRADA Interiors, made wonderful improvements with each new solution, and 3000 pounds of glass seems to effortlessly reach to the sky.

Fast tracking this project, we would never have a trial assembly; the glass was crated and loaded first, and across town, the metal parts were added to the shipment. We would not know if they fit until the actual installation 2000 miles away in Coraopolis, PA. Installation started February 8th, 2011, and was completed on the 10th. Installation took half the time! Everything fit exactly!

During the months before fabrication, the sculpture grew into itself, becoming better with each hurdle, problem, and solution. Upon completion, it was simply better than anyone expected. We were all privileged to be at its’ birth, and to help it grow into a wonderful work of art.

This piece reminded us all, it takes a village to raise a sculpture, from idea to reality. And the results here makes us all want to do this again.

Thank you everyone!

This was a job well done!

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